Melbourne Dental X-Ray offers a complete range of dental imaging examinations. Trusted dentist, specialists and oral surgeons turn to the expertise of MDX team to help in their treatment planning and diagnosis.

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Our CBCT services

i-Cat FLX Cone Beam CT

Inferior Dental Nerve

Dental Implant Planning

Sinus & Airway Assessments

Orthodontic Assessments

Temporal Bone

TMJ Survey

Impacted Teeth

Orthognathic Surgery

Access results online

All our scans and reports are securely accessible online, 24/7. Scans can be access via your web-browser or through Inteleviewer, a feature rich desktop application. Go through Cone Beam CT slices in all three planes and export our workups for documentation in your report or for sharing with other clinicians.


All of our OPG and Lateral Ceph examinations are bulk billed. There is a gap fee payable on all Cone Beam CT examinations.

Guided Implant Surgery

We can provide DICOM files for all of your patient’s scans that are compatible with third party implant planning software such as BlueSkyBio, Simplant, Nobel Biocare and CoDiagnostix for implant guide or  medical model fabrication.

Anatomage Guide

We provide Implant drill guides through Anatomage. Implant & prosthetic planning can be done onsite. For more information contact us directly on 03 8306 3120.

Need help with CBCT software?

We provide comprehensive training and support to clinicians interested in making the most out of their Cone Beam CT scans. Training and support is provided at our clinic in Carlton, or at your dental surgery, during of after working hours.

ENT imaging

Cone Beam CT provides a high resolution, low dose alternative to Medical CT in the ENT area.

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Scan Field of View

The i-CAT FLX CBCT scanner scans in nine different field of views, from obtaining a single arch, to only of the sinuses, to the entire maxillofacial profile of a patient.

Our Story

Melbourne Dental X-Ray (MDX) started out in 2013, after her parent company, Clayray Dental Radiology, had won a tender to provide imaging services for the Melbourne Dental Clinic. Situated on the Paris end of Collins St, Clayray had been in operation since 1967, founded originally by Ken Clayton. Today, our twin dental x-ray clinics serve over 300 dentist and specialist from all over Victoria and run a Cone Beam CT education programme for the UoM Dental Students. At MDX, our mission is to provide high quality, and affordable specialised dental imaging services to the general public.

Hours of Operation


Ground Floor
723 Swanston St
Carlton VIC 3053

t: 03 8306 3120
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